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Who Is Gianni Buonomo?

(Gee AH nee) (Boh NO moh)

In Italian, buon uomo means good man. The legend of Gianni Buonomo hails from a small village in the Piedmonte region of Italy. Gianni Buonomo is the consummate gentleman. He always carries himself with an elegant flair and a noble sense of style. A humble yet engaging man, his kind and confident manner expresses a sense of old-world style, sophistication and distinction. Never one to curse and always one to hold the door for the one who follows, Gianni is beneducato – that is, well mannered.

I was told that back in Italy everyone’s father wanted their son to be like Gianni Buonomo.

“When I was a boy all dressed-up and ready for church on Sunday morning my father would proudly beam, “Ah, that’s my boy! You look just like Gianni Buonomo!” I wasn’t quite exactly sure what that meant at the time. All I knew was that Dad was really proud and looking like Gianni Buonomo was a good thing.  As the years went by my father would point out people in public that looked like Gianni Buonomo. “Look at that Gianni Buonomo over there,” he’d say. Actually, my father was quite a Gianni Buonomo himself.”

With a little training, anyone can spot a Gianni Buonomo. With a little more effort, anyone can be a Gianni Buonomo.

Gianni Buonomo wines are crafted to express the same elegance, distinction and sophistication as the man himself.

– Keith Rolle/Winemaker