Keith Punches Grapes
Article | March 13, 2022

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What is an “urban winery?”
“Operating a limited production winery in San Diego its benefits. For one, it allows us to monitor how each individual barrel of wine evolves during aging.“

Our model has been referred to as an urban winery or a boutique winery. In our particular case, it’s a beach winery. We produce very small lots of super-premium wine and every aspect of the wine making process takes place on-site.

We have our own laboratory to conduct sample analyses. Our barrel room is loaded with full casks of wine that’s gracefully aging.  The production area provides space for fermenting, pressing and blending. When it’s time for bottling we call in a mobile unit so bottling takes place on-site, too. The impressive tasting room ties together the entire “beach winery” experience.

“Keeping our production small comes with benefits. For one, it allows us to monitor how each individual barrel evolves during aging. I feel this is a distinct advantage we have over the larger, high production commercial wineries. I believe that the quality of the wine we produce reflects this advantage.” Keith Rolle/ Winemaker.

Gianni Buonomo Vintners produces around 2000 cases per year. The wines sell-out each vintage.


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